Morning Meditation

Hosted By: Jenn Cowin


Meditation is a mindful practice often used to lower tress, connect to the here and now; to achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm, and stable state. Start the day with a guided Morning Meditation with host Jenn Cowin, a Professional Energy Worker her in Central Florida.

Navigating UPG in Personal Practice

Hosted By: Stephanie Woodfield and Ed Rickey


UPG or Unverified Personal Gnosis is something we encounter often in modern Pagansim. But how can we tell if the information we receive from the Gods is legitimate? When is it just our ego talking? Is there a way to verify the unverifiable? What types of Gnosis are there? And most importantly how do we avoid UPG wars? Explore these concepts with renowned author Stephanie Woodfield and Ed Rickey.

Wicca 101

Hosted By: The Wild Blackthorn Coven and Grove


Wicca, or ‘the craft of the wise,’ is a modern term based on ancient traditions. Join The Wild Blackthorn Coven and Grove for a brief overview of its history and modern day practices.

Color Your Life

Hosted By: Dru Ann Welch


Many people are familiar with Chakras and their color associations. In Color Your Life, Dru Ann walks us through our Chakras, the effects of color in our lives and how we can use color to bring about balance and healing.

Spirit Possession and Oracular Work

Hosted By: Nyt Myst


As part of this workshop we will delve into some of the historic forms of Ritual Possession drawing an understanding of the inherent dangers, as well as benefits, of Spirit Possession. We will also discuss the training needed to prepare for Ritual Possession, Aspecting, Assumption of the Godform, Oracular work; as well as how to abort possessions and create a safe environment for those present.

Tarot 101


Hosted By: Hidden Spring Oasis

Tarot 101 will take an in depth look into the 56 Minor Arcana cards of a tarot deck. We’ll discuss the suits and their meaning. You’ll even learn a simple and effective way to read cards using a standard playing card deck!

Sound Bath Healing

Hosted By: Dru Ann Welch


As we wind down the day, spend an hour with Dru Ann learning about and experiencing the benefits of incorporating healing sound frequencies into your daily personal care practices.

Closing Ritual

Hosted By: Orlando Asatru