Vendors 2020

Partners In Pagan Pride Day

We have many locals who create products and offer services to the greater Central Florida Pagan Community!

Jenn Corvin

Jenn is an Empowerment Coach for Empaths.
She offers Energy Work, Readings, and Yoga & Meditation classes!
You can find Jenn here:
Special offer for Pagan Pride Day:
Join a 90 minute Group Crystal Healing Session over Zoom for free using the code OPP-FREE at

Soulfire Goddess LLC

Tracey from Soulfire Goddess creates intuitive, energy infused jewelry that heals the soul, mind and body.
You can find her here:

Divine Goddess Soaps

Divine Goddess offers hand-crafted, artisan, shea butter soaps. They are a safe alternative to chemically-charged soaps; using the best, quality ingredients with an emphasis on ethically sustainable products.
You can find her here:

Albion Grove

Albion Grove creates hand carved wands, charms, talismans, and sundry magical goods inspired by Ancient Isles. They also offer Rune readings!
You can find them here:

Special offer for Pagan Pride Day & A message from Bradley:
Albion Grove is a manifestation of magical energies brought to life by my hands as both a  craftsman and man of ‘The Craft’.  Having spent 25 years pursuing British magical traditions and 20 years in traditional crafts, I have turned my hand to the ancient art of creating ritual items.  Specializing in custom jewelry, wands, horns, incense and altar pieces, each is handmade with a special eye to the significance of the materials and symbols selected.  Relying on years of rune-work, ritual and research, I create my work with utmost care and thoughtfulness.
Enjoy 15% off my etsy store for attendees with code : ORLANDO15

Om My Goddess

OMG features crystal and clay sculptures and trees, clothing and accessories, art, wands and more!
You can find her here:

Spiral Circle Bookstore & More

Spiral Circle has been serving the Orlando community since 1975 from a humble house in the Mills/50 District. They celebrate culture, consciousness and community while honoring many different faith traditions through our offerings.

They offer various metaphysical supplies in the form of books, decks, crystals, incense & smudge, pendulums and more. They focus on indie made & fair trade when possible.

Find them Spiral Circle online here:
virtual tour of their shop!:

Spiral Spectrum

Spiral Spectrum was birthed in 2012 and offered for the first time in 2013 by designer Julie Wilder. Printed at a local green certified printer and sold internationally. The company is run out of Spiral Circle Bookstore & More where the designer is a co-owner and serves as manager.

They make revolutionary nature-based calendars. Need to know when the full or new moon is? They gotcha covered. If you want to expand your awareness to know, at a glance, when meteor showers, retrograde cycles or transits of the Sun, Moon and planets are happening throughout the year, their comprehensive posters will blow you away.

Find them here:
Special offer for Pagan Pride Day:
10% off using code paganpride