Kids Crafting and Learning Activities


The kids’ area will include time to craft, as well as a short lesson on the meaning behind and use of each craft. We ask that children be accompanied by an adult. Seating is limited and first come first serve.

Symbolic Rock Painting

From the Chalice Well to the Celtic Cross. Explore different symbols across history and their meanings.

God’s Eyes

A powerful tool and magickal object, the God’s Eye is a symbol of protection and the Spiritual Eye which has the power to see and understand what the physical eye cannot. Pick your colors and create your own talisman! 

Day of the Dead Masks

Often made from chocolate or sugar, Day of the Dead skulls are typically created to adorn altars and tombs as a treat for visiting spirits. In this class, we’ll decorating skull masks and learning about the rich history of the Day of the Dead. 


What does a magick wand really do? What are it’s uses? Where and how did the use of wands first begin? Make your own magick wand while we learn all this and more!

Dream Catchers

Original to North American Natives, the dream catcher is now a widespread symbol of protection. Craft your very own while we learn about its history and meaning.